I’m Still Here.

In case you were wondering. (I know I am.)

Here’s the thing. I am still writing like crazy. It keeps me sane. The book I’m working on right now is positively best-seller material. I know this because I look forward to working on it every single day, and it brings me joy.

As Toni Morrison said, “Write the book you want to read,” and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

I hope you also have something that brings you delight, a place to go in your head, to focus your energy, to feel good when things in the world are weird and make no sense and you’re looking for something to offer your days a spark or two of light and amazingness. Arts and crafts are good for that. I’ve been doing stained glass and pour painting and mosaic and mobiles and sun catchers and anything else that fires me up in the moment.

So yeah. I’m still here.

And so are you.

We’ll start there and let good things grow…

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