Springtime Snow Won’t Get Me Down: High Tea, Abe Lincoln, and a New Book!

So I woke up this morning, completely startled by the dusting of snow on the ground. (This happens when you neglect to watch the news on a regular basis. Note to self: get head out of tukas.) It has coated the tree buds I’ve been watching and celebrating, the new spring grass in my yard, and the small green shoots in the garden. But it doesn’t bother me all that much, to tell the truth. Spring is still here. She’s just messing with us a little.

One reason it don’t make no nevermind to me, (to quote somebody’s random Gramma in South Carolina), is because I’m in too good of a mood for a little cold, wet, white weather to dampen my spirits. Especially since the sun just came out, and is starting to melt it all away, even as we speak.

But there are other reasons for my good mood…first, that I had a GREAT visit to the old statehouse in Springfield, Illinois (where Abe Lincoln made his “house divided” speech!) last month for the “Illinois Reads” kickoff, where I got to meet other authors, get interviewed for radio, and sign copies of my book, which was being honored as part of this fabulous state-wide reading project. Then, soon after I got home, I had two school visits that were a blast! At Boston Latin Academy, their book club made me high tea—I’m talking fancy tablecloths, silverware, scones, and pie! (Hey, it was PI DAY!) Then I went to Rockville HS in Connecticut, where I was warmly welcomed, fed pizza (yum!) and got to hobnob with some really fun kids who had read my book. How lucky am I, that I can call this my JOB?

And here is something else that I am EXTREMELY HAPPY to report…I have finished writing another novel! It has taken me roughly two years from the day I got the idea, to the day (one week ago) that I pressed “send” on my computer. It was a moment something like giving birth, but without the doctors and screaming and whatnot. (Don’t worry, I won’t get more graphic than “whatnot.”) The working title of my new book is LIFESHARDS: A GLIMPSE OF ROSES. It’s about a girl named Rose who is able to see alternate paths of her life. That’s all I’ll say at the moment, other than the fact that I loved writing this book. It’s a fantasy/ contemporary/ romantic/ mystery story that also has a whole lot of heart. I missed the characters so much after finishing the book, that I sat right back down this week and started writing a sequel. Three chapters in three days—what?? I guess it’s just my way of refusing to let go of this world and these characters. Anyway, that’s all I have to report so far on the status of LIFESHARDS…I promise to keep you posted if/when there are any new developments. Take nothing for granted, is my motto…especially when it comes to publishing and the weather. Even so, I must say HAPPY SPRING… warmer days are coming!


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Heading Back to the Land of Lincoln!

IllinoisReadsWell, it’s starting to feel real now, this trip to Springfield, Illinois next week. About time it sank in, since I’m scheduled to fly on Tuesday morning. Why, you ask, am I traveling half-way across the country, from Boston MA to Springfield, IL? It is for a very exciting reason…and the best way to explain is to pull a quote from an email I received last month:

“Congratulations! Your book, Being Henry David, has been chosen as one of the books for the annual ILLINOIS READS program. Under the auspices of the Illinois Reading Council, ILLINOIS READS is an annual statewide project to promote reading for all Illinois citizens. The thirty-six titles chosen, from birth to adult, will be introduced into classrooms, public health facilities, public and school libraries, and bookstores. The website, http://www.illinoisreads.org, will allow adults and students (above age 13) to post book reviews, book trailers, artwork, and discussions about the books. We will be printing bookmarks, posters, public service announcements, television interviews, and more to promote the program… The program will be formally launched on March 12, 2014 at the Illinois Reading Council Conference in Springfield, Illinois. We hope that you can join us for the ceremony at the Old State Capitol, along with a host of state and local officials.”

Seriously…how cool is this?? Not only is my book one of six young adult books chosen to be promoted across the entire state of Illinois, but I get to hobnob with state and local officials next week. A host of them! Of course, I’m curious about who those folks will be. The governor, maybe? The mayor of Springfield? I’m excited to find out.

I wish to extend a public THANK YOU to Becky Anderson, of Anderson’s Bookshop http://www.andersonsbookshop.com in Naperville, Illinois, who has been a proponent of my book even before it was officially released, and no doubt brought it to the Illinois Reading Council. I also want to extend a public thank you to the city of Naperville…it was a wonderful place to live, and we were heartbroken to move away, back in 2000. It is still a place that is dear to my heart (as are the Naperville friends we so treasure!) No wonder the town found its way into my book, and the Illinois ties continue to enrich my life.

Okay, so I will wrap this up for now…I have to start preparing for this trip. Mental checklist: do laundry, pack, confirm travel and hotel reservations, and figure out what the heck is an appropriate outfit for meeting a host of state and local officials…

Illinois, here I come!

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“May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness.”

January 6, 2014

I’ll start my first blog of 2014 with a magnificent quote from one of my favorite writers:

“May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art — write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.”
― Neil Gaiman

Isn’t that fantastic?? Happy happy New Year to you!

I’m sure you’ll be absolutely over-the-moon thrilled to hear that one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to do a better job of keeping up with this blog. After all, I have SO MANY incredibly interesting and important things to say. (Play along.)

But the most important thing I want to share right now concerns 2013. Yes, 2013 was a good year for me. Not only did I have my first book published, fulfilling a lifelong dream, but people actually bought it! And enjoyed it! (Yes, I avoid any and all bad reviews to protect my ridiculously fragile ego.)

In fact, there were several “Best Of 2013” wrap-up lists that specifically mentioned Being Henry David among their favorites. How cool is that??

I’ll share them with you here…

From Kirkus ~ (Hooray for the alphabetical advantage here—I’m listed first!)


From Buzzfeed ~ Ranked “in no particular order,” I’m #11


From Mashable ~ Listed # 5 of 11 here! (This post has been shared over 20,000 times! Probably half of them were by me…)


Hopefully, this bodes well for the paperback version of my book, which will be released March 1, 2014—yippeeee!

Okay, enough of this blogging business…I must excuse myself to get back to writing the “real” stuff. Yes, wouldn’t you know, all this good feedback only encouraged me write another book. It’s a slower process than I would like, but some things refused to be rushed. Stay tuned….and thank you..and happy new year…

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Catching Up…

Well, it has been months now since I blogged, and I am properly shamed. So what have I been up to while I wasn’t blogging?

There is too much. Let me sum up.

First of all, I’m happy to report that I’ve been working hard on my next book. (Working title: LIFESHARDS.] I’m in polish, edit, change, delete, tear-my-hair-out, get inspired, get excited, cry-my-eyes-out, write-my-heart-out mode. On any given day, I love it, then I hate it, then I love it like crazy again. I wish I could go to my calendar and circle the date when it will be officially DONE, but this is a mysterious process that defies such predictions. It’s like a puzzle with all the pieces on the table, but they don’t all quite fit together. Yet. Hmm…some of them might have fallen off onto the floor. But I’ll get ‘em…

I’ve also been busy talking up BEING HENRY DAVID at library and school and bookstore and book club events, and taught a writing workshop recently to a great group of teens. Over the summer I also attended the ALA (American Library Association) in Chicago and hobnobbed with a bunch of cool librarians and writers from all over the country. I love my job.

Most recently in Boston, I participated in the ALAN (Assembly on Literature for Adolescents) workshop, a huge conference attended by English teachers and writers from all over the country. Check this out: I was on a panel with Sarah Dessen and Lauren Myracle…AND I met Chris Crutcher! So cool. (Yes, I am an enormous geek about such matters.) Did I mention I love my job?

Other than book stuff, I’ve been busy with your basic, typical everyday life stuff. The usual. Not interesting enough to mention.

There, now you’re all caught up. On to other matters, other blogs…let’s have some fun…


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BHD In The News!

Greetings, friends!  Well, I haven’t done the best job in the world keeping up with this blog, but here I am, with some fun updates to pass along and share.

First, I was interviewed by Jordan Rich on WBZ Radio a couple weeks ago.  This was incredibly fun, because not only is Jordan a well-known and well-respected radio personality in Boston, I’m happy to say he’s also a friend of mine.  We met years and years (we’re talking decades) ago when we were both youngsters working at a radio station in Lowell, MA.  He was the radio talk show guy, I was the copywriter/production/news chick.   We worked together for a few years before I moved out of the area and decided to focus more on writing for newspapers and magazines than for radio. When I moved back to the Boston area several years ago however, we got reacquainted.  Now I get to see him and his business partner Kenny Carberry almost weekly at their studio, Chart Productions, where I’ve gotten to be a regular, doing voice-overs for commercials and narrations.  I always have a blast with these guys—they’re fun and funny and total goofballs, like me.  I almost forget sometimes how impressive they both are, because they’re so down to earth.   Anyway, here’s the interview I had with the fabulous Jordan Rich—

Jordan Rich Interview with Author Cal Armistead

Another really exciting thing that happened recently is that The Boston Globe printed a review of my book!  I was especially excited to see that it was written by Meredith Goldstein, a Globe writer I have long admired. I actually had an opportunity to meet Meredith during a writer’s conference in Boston (Grub Street) last year where she participated in a panel discussion on how to market one’s debut novel.  I learned a lot during that discussion, and FYI, Meredith’s book The Singles, is excellent—I highly recommend it.  Here’s the review that Meredith wrote about Being Henry David, which ran in the Globe on Easter Sunday.

Boston Globe Book Review: Being Henry David by Cal Armistead and Unremembered by Jessica Brody

Okay, one more really good/exciting/fun/weird/out-of-the-blue thing my husband found online the other day.  Apparently, I’m big in Poughkeepsie, New York!    The Poughkeepsie Journal printed the top five teen picks at the local Barnes & Noble, and here are the results:

1.  The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green

2.  The Kiss, by James Patterson

3.  Being Henry David, by Cal Armistead

4.  Inferno, by Sherrilyn Kenyon

5. Clockwork Princess, by Cassandra Clare

I mean, WHAT??  How cool is that?  Here’s the link, just in case you don’t believe it.  (I didn’t, either.)   Thanks, Poughkeepsie!

Poughkeepsie Journal Teen Best-Sellers 4/27

I guess that brings us up to date.  Now let’s all get off our computers and go outside.  It’s spring, and the world is waking up!  Layla and I are going to go for a walk and watch the progress of the blossoming trees and returning birds and unfurling fiddlehead ferns.  (Gotta love alliteration.)  See ya next time…


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A Video is Worth a Bajillion Words

My amazing, fabulous, joyous Book Launch Party was on Sunday, March 3rd, and it was so amazing, fabulous and joyous, it pretty much left this author speechless.  (Which takes a lot.)  Luckily, there’s a video of my presentation/signing, and it sums the afternoon up better than I ever could.  The party afterwards at our house was a continuation of the celebration, and I’m so thankful for everyone who showed up.  As for incredibly Happy Days in My Lifetime, I have to say this one rated right up there with my wedding day.  I am one lucky woman, and I am reveling, appreciating, savoring.  Thank you so very much, to everyone who shared this happy day with with me, in person and in spirit.

And while I’m sharing videos, here’s Becky Anderson, interviewing me at Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville a few weeks ago:

Authors Revealed with Becky Anderson

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Almost Famous

The other day, my father reminded me that when I was around four or five, if someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would announce without hesitation: “A famous writer and artist!” I was passionate about writing and drawing even as a little tyke at the kitchen table with my crayons, paints, paper, and those fat red pencils. I couldn’t imagine any other life for myself, and this has never changed.

No, I’m not famous. But two days ago, when I walked into the bookstore where I work and saw MY BOOK, Being Henry David, in a double face-out in the Young Adult section, near truly famous names like Laura Halse Anderson, Sherman Alexie, Meg Cabot and Libba Bray, I admit I felt like an almost-famous version of myself.


Except that I imagine the truly famous people are way cooler and more controlled than I am. I took one look at my book on the shelf, and burst into tears. Now I’m a crier in general (bursting into tears is my default go-to emotion), but I didn’t feel the tears coming on, didn’t expect to flail the way I did. But I couldn’t help it. That surreal, happy, floaty feeling grew and grew, and overflowed right out of my damn eyeballs. Dream-come-true tears. Yep, it’s been a long, long time since I was four years old, but if I could go back in time, I’d give that little girl at the kitchen table a big ol’ hug, hand her another stack of paper, and say, “keep it up, sweetie.”


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