Tell me your thoughts!

I realize this is highly irregular, but I trust my readers (and this social isolation thing is giving me more time to write!), therefore I’m going to be bold and crazy, and ask you outright: If there were to be a sequel to BEING HENRY DAVID, what would you want to be SURE the author included?

I mean…I feel like Hank/Daniel, Hailey, Thomas, Susan, Jack, Nessa, Rose, and the others are living in a parallel universe where I get to peek in now and then to visit them, so of course there’s PLENTY to write about…but what are you most interested in seeing on the page, that perhaps was left unsaid at the end of the book and left you wanting more?

I hasten to add that there’s a new story brewing, something you don’t see coming…but in that telling, I might be able to tie up some loose threads. šŸ™‚

Feel free to write some thoughts below, or write to me:


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